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How to Use Laptop Computer Battery Pack.

Now the use of laptop batteries, has a different opinions, some friends of the battery of special care, and even use an external power supply when the battery remove the need, in fact, no need to use batteries, like books online, as many people say that deliberate care, and now the machine almost all use lithium batteries, this battery-efficient, no memory effect.

But lithium-ion battery capacity fading of complicated factors, the likelihood is very large, with the user’s habits will be there is a certain relationship, simply said that in the process of lithium-ion batteries used in the electrodes will continue to deposit solid material, such solid substances may be unable to break down chemical substances, or electrolyte, or some impurities, they continuously electrodes attached directly lead to an effective reduction in electrolyte, the electrolyte can be used fewer cycles, and thus reduce the capacity of the battery , and efficiency also once was. However, as people use nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, the inertia of thinking, the use of lithium battery there are still some errors, here are some of the use of batteries is not the right place:

Lithium batteries need to deep discharge. Obviously, For memory effect of nickel-metal hydride batteries, the full full release will increase efficiency. However, there is no battery memory effect, can be used at with the charge, does not affect their capacity.

Use an external power supply, it is better unplug the laptop battery. Put forward this view is based on frequent charging and discharging may damage the laptop batteries, but does not know that do more harm than good. On the one hand, and now comes with smart Li-ion battery protection circuit, generally when the electricity when a drop of 5% or more will only start charging; the other hand, frequent plug the battery, may result in interface being exposed, but damage to the battery and notebook; and finally, Laptop Battery UPS has also played the role of a sudden power outage, the battery can guarantee that your computer continues to run, otherwise you will suffer some losses.

The first charge should be 12 hours. After buying notebooks, sales staff will advise the you, the first charge take 12 hours or more, aim is to “activate” the battery. In fact, now the majority of laptop battery with over-power protection circuit, as long as, after fully charged, the battery would cut off contact with the AC at this time to “recharge” effect can only be a waste of energy only.

Not a long time, lithium batteries should be empty (at least) to save electricity. These are two diametrically opposite conclusion, but there are people who support. Said air power saved on the grounds that lithium batteries will slowly discharge, affecting life, and if air power, you do not have to worry about discharge. Said that full power saved on the grounds that since the lithium battery will discharge, if there is no electricity, it will definitely affect the life, just like people hungry after a fire, it will harm the body. In fact, these two arguments are not correct, and if you are a long time do not use lithium batteries, should include in its capacity of 40 ~ 60% saved, this state, the battery discharge is relatively slow, and can be stored for long periods.

Frequent charge and discharge of lithium batteries has no effect. This view is also a one-sided, although the lithium batteries no memory effect, but the frequent charge and discharge, or have an impact on life in general as far as power consumption less than 10% after the re-charging of battery life is conducive to growth. But if there are special needs, and occasionally advance charge, its impact will not be too much.

In addition to pay attention to everyday use, the lithium batteries because of its chemical nature is inevitable decrease in power consumption. So how to judge books, real-time battery state? Here to share with you some observations on the battery status approaches, so that we can understand the critical moment to avoid the emergence of books without electricity.